Before you reach for your next soft drink, two new studies have found that people who drink soft drinks on a daily basis are more likely to suffer a stroke. . . .

The first study lasted ten years and followed 2,654 people. It found that people who drink a diet soft drink on a daily basis are a significant 43% more likely to suffer a cardiovascular event like stroke, heart attack or vascular death than people who don't drink diet soft drinks. Surprisingly, this study found the danger only for diet soft drinks: it found no association between regular soft drinks and cardiovascular events (Journal of General Internal Medicine 2012,doi:10.1007/s 11606-011-1968-2).

And a second study has now implicated both diet soft drinks and regualar soft drinks. This massive study combined the data of two studies of a total of 127,456 healthy people who were followed for either twenty-two or twenty-eight years. It found that people who drank one or more soft drinks a day--whether they were sweetened with sugar or low calorie--had a significant 16% higher risk of stroke than people who drank none (Am J Clin Nutr 2012;95:1190-1199).

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