saw palmetto berry improves lower urinary tract symptoms and frequent urination in women

Saw palmetto berry is the most famous men’s herb. It is as effective as drugs, while being safer, for enlarged prostate and the annoying lower urinary tract symptoms that come with it. This new study suggests, perhaps for the first time, that the great men’s herb helps women with urinary tract symptoms too.

Recent meta-analyses and systematic reviews establish saw palmetto berry as equally effective to drugs while being safer for benign prostatic hyperplasia, or enlarged prostate, and the lower urinary tract symptoms that come with it (BJU Int 2018;122(6):1049-1065; Am J Mens Health March-April 2020;14(2):1557988320905407).

But lower urinary tract symptoms, like frequent need to urinate and nighttime urination, also commonly affect women, especially women over 50. Could saw palmetto berry help them too? If it could, it could improve quality of life for many women for whom there are currently no side effect free solutions.

To find out, 72 women over the age of 50 were given either a placebo or 320mg of saw palmetto berry extract for 12 weeks. All of the women in the study were inconvenienced by frequent urination.

The results were exciting. Scores on core lower urinary tract symptom score for daytime urination frequency improved significantly more in the saw palmetto group. For many women, night time awakening to urinate also improved.

On a symptom score for overactive bladder, women on saw palmetto also saw significantly greater improvement in frequency of day time urination.

Equally exciting, given the side effects of drugs for overactive bladder, the saw palmetto was safe: as safe as the placebo.

This study may be the first to show that the great men’s urinary tract herb, saw palmetto berry, may be equally valuable for women.

. 2022 Mar;14(6): 1190

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