pumpkin seed oil helps menopausal women with hot flashes heart heath and depression

For menopausal women, pumpkin seeds might just do the trick and be a treat!

We have written about many supplements for menopause on the Natural Path blog, and many of them have been surprising. We’ve written recently about Pycnogenol, about fenugreek, about fennel and even about tomato juice. Well, now it turns out that pumpkin seeds can do the trick too.

Pumpkin seeds are better known for male problems, like enlarged prostate and hair loss. But, these powerful seeds can also do a lot for women who are going through menopause. 35 menopausal women were given either 2g a day of pumpkin seed oil or of wheat germ oil for 12 weeks in a double-blind study. And the pumpkin seed oil really worked. There was a significant improvement in menopausal symptoms compared to the wheat germ oil group. The women in the pumpkin seed oil group had less hot flashes, less headaches and less joint pain. They were also less depressed. Interestingly, the women in the wheat germ group reported having more feelings of being unloved.

The women in the pumpkin seed oil group also had significantly greater increases in heart healthy HDL cholesterol and significantly greater decreases in diastolic blood pressure.

This intriguing study shows that pumpkin seed oil can help with several aspects of menopause: it can improve heart health, it can improve physical symptoms like hot flashes, and it can improve psychological symptoms like depression. It may even make you feel more appreciated and loved!

Climacteric 2011;14(5):558-64

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