dietary vitamin C prevents gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is one of the most common complications of pregnancy. It would be great if a simple, tasty change in diet that is healthy anyway also helped you not to get diabetes while you’re pregnant.

Gestational diabetes is working its way through the alphabet. Previous research has found that vitamin D is beneficial for gestational diabetes, and now research is showing that vitamin C is beneficial.

Over 3000 pregnant women were included in this study. The study took place during weeks 24-28 of their pregnancies. The researchers wanted to see what effect vitamin C had on their chances of developing gestational diabetes.

11.4% of the women developed gestational diabetes. What effect did vitamin C play on their risk? The women who got what the researchers called “above adequate” vitamin C in their diet were 32% less likely to develop gestational diabetes than the women who got “adequate” levels of vitamin C. Above adequate meant more than 200mg a day of dietary vitamin C; adequate meant 115-200mg.

Previous research has suggested that vitamin C can be beneficial for diabetes. This study shows that getting a lot of vitamin C in your diet may prevent you from developing diabetes while you’re pregnant.

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