curcumin improves weight loss, inflammation, mood and mental health in overweight people

This intriguing study found that supplementing curcumin can help both physical and mental health in overweight people.

Though not often discussed, there is an association between being overweight and inflammation, and there is an association between inflammation and mood problems, including depression, anxiety, anger and insomnia.

Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is a powerful anti-inflammatory and a remarkable antidepressant. So, what would happen if you gave turmeric to overweight people? Could it help with inflammation? Could it help with mood? Could it help them to lose weight? Let’s see.

79 overweight people were given either curcumin or a placebo in a 12 week, double-blind study. Did the curcumin help them lose weight? Curcumin is not usually thought of as a weight loss supplement. But the people in the curcumin group lost significantly more weight. They also had significantly greater improvement in body mass index. So, curcumin helps overweight people lose weight.

Did curcumin help with inflammation? It did. Curcumin caused significantly greater improvement in inflammatory markers, including significantly lowering C-reactive protein. So, curcumin improves inflammation.

What about mood and mental health? On an evaluation of health-related quality of life, including mental health, curcumin was shown to significantly improve mental health. In a separate evaluation of mood, curcumin significantly lowered anger and hostility. So, curcumin also improves mental health.

This novel study suggests that curcumin can offer comprehensive help to overweight people trying to improve their health and quality of life. It improves physical health by improving weight loss and inflammation, and it improves quality of life by improving mental health and anger. These changes may also have an important impact on long term health.

Nutr J. 2021; 20: 91

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