olive leaf extract benefits blood pressure, cholesterol, osteoporosis and immunity

You know all about olives, and you know all about olive oil. Now, it’s time to meet the leaf. Did you know that there is more of olive’s healthy ingredients in the leaf than in the fruit or oil?

Olives and olive oil are rich sources of phenolic compounds that are really good for you. Turns out, the leaf is an even better source. So, what does that mean for your health? It means it’s time to get to know olive leaf extract.

Olive leaf extract is great for your heart. Really great! Better than drugs great! When an eight week double-blind study gave either 500mg of olive leaf extract twice a day or the drug captopril to people with high blood pressure, both groups had significant improvements in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and there was no significant difference between the effectiveness of the herb and the drug. That means olive leaf is just as good as the drug. But, actually, it was better because it also significantly reduced triglycerides, while the drug did not. Subsequent studies have confirmed olive leaf extracts power over blood pressure.

Other research shows that olive extract improves cholesterol and triglycerides and arterial stiffness.

So, olive leaf extract is great for your heart. Surprisingly, it’s also great for your bones. Olive leaf extract increases osteocalcin, an important hormone for bone building, and prevents bone loss and osteoporosis.

And that’s not all. A new study has discovered that olive leaf extract may also be good for boosting immunity. Thirty-two high school athletes were given either olive leaf extract or a placebo for nine weeks during their competitive season. The olive leaf extract made no difference for how often they got upper respiratory illnesses. But, when they did get sick, there was a significant 28% reduction in the number of days they were sick.

So, it’s time to introduce the leaf of the olive: the little known heart and bone herb that may also be an immune herb.

Nutrients 2019 ;11(2)

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