olive leaf extract improves osteoarthritis and walking pain in knee

You know the fruit, and you know the oil. It’s time you got to know the leaf. Olive leaf that is. Did you know that there is more of olive’s healthy ingredients in the leaf than in the fruit or oil? And those ingredients just may be the answer for your aching knees.

Though olive leaf extract is still not one of the most talked about herbs, it’s a herb that does a lot. It’s better than drugs for high blood pressure, it’s helpful for diabetes and can help fight osteoporosis.

And now a new study suggests that it can sooth the pain in your aching knees.

The double-blind study included 124 people with knee pain or mobility problems. It gave each of them either a placebo or 125mg of olive leaf extract standardized for 50mg of oleuropein for 6 months.

On the Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS) there was a trend toward improvement in the olive leaf group, but it was not significant. A marker of cartilage degradation also tended to improve but fell short of being significant.

But don’t despair yet. In a subset of people who had high walking pain at the beginning of the study, there was “a large and significant treatment effect” on the global KOOS score as well as on every subscale, including walking pain.

The olive leaf extract was safe. That means that olive leaf extract may safely relieve joint pain in the knee and improve mobility in people who are in a lot of pain.

Ther Adv Musculoskelet Dis. 2022 Jan 19;14:1759720X211070205

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