modified citrus pectin slows prostate cancer progression

Here’s a supplement you hear very little about, but you may be hearing more.

At least 30% of men who have conventional treatment for their prostate cancer will relapse. This study tried giving modified citrus pectin to 34 men who were having just this setback. All of them had had surgery and/or radiation, and all of them were relapsing: their PSA levels had been rising again for the past three consecutive months.

Modified citrus pectin is an intriguing supplement. We first mentioned it in the chapter on prostate cancer in our book The Family Naturopathic Encyclopedia. In that chapter, we cited a study (Strum S, et al. International Conference on Diet and Prevention of Cancer 1999) that found that 5g of modified citrus pectin taken three times a day led to a better than 30% increase in PSA doubling time in four of seven men, indicating a slowing down of the rate of cancer growth.

In this study, the men were given a similar dose of 4.8g three times a day. This interim report reported on the results after taking the modified citrus pectin for the first six months.

And the results are encouraging. 62% stabilized or slowed down the rate their PSA had been rising at. And PSA doubling time stabilized or lengthened—indicating improvement—in 79%.

These two early studies offer promise to men with prostate cancer, as does a third study that found that modified citrus pectin significantly increased PSA doubling time in 70% of men who had responded unsuccessfully to conventional prostate cancer treatment (Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis 2003;6(4):301-4). So, that’s now three studies that suggest that modified citrus pectin can benefit men with prostate cancer.

Journal of Clinical Oncology 2018;doi:10.1200/JCO.2017.35.15_suppl.e16588

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For much more on preventing and treating prostate cancer, see our book The Family Naturopathic Encyclopedia.

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