combination of astaxanthin and tocotrienol improves age related memory decline

As you get older, your memory can get weaker. But does it have to?

Astaxanthin is a still much less well known than the other carotenes. It is derived from a green algae, and it is a very powerful antioxidant; in fact, it is 50 times more powerful than its more famous cousin, beta-carotene. Astaxanthin is especially good at protecting the brain from cellular damage. Astaxanthin has the unusual ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, suggesting again that it could help protect the brain.

So, what would happen if you added astaxanthin to members of the vitamin E family known as tocotrienols? Lots!

Forty-four people who were experiencing age-related memory decline were given either a placebo or the astaxanthin-vitamin E combination for 12 weeks in a double-blind study. The natural combination consisted of 50mg of tocotrienols and 9mg of astaxanthin.

Compared to placebo, the people in the astaxanthin-vitamin E group had a significant improvement in composite memory according to the Cognitrax cognitive test: that was the main thing the researchers wanted to measure. But they also had significant improvement in verbal memory. The people on the supplement also reported that they had less trouble remembering people’s names and the names of things.

The astaxanthin-tocotrienol combination was safe with no adverse events.

This study suggests exciting new help for keeping your brain and memory young.

Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition 2020;

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