both lemon balm and a combination of vitamin E and ginseng increase sexual desire in women

Myth and lore are full of aphrodisiacs. So, it turns out, is science.

In our book, Sex & Infertility: Natural Solutions, we provide an extensive list of herbs and foods that have been used traditionally as aphrodisiacs. While researching the book, we spoke to the late James Duke, and ethnobotanist who had travelled the world gathering information on how herbs were used in different cultures. He gave us access to his database of herbs that have been used as folkloric aphrodisiacs: the database contained over 321 aphrodisiac herbs!

Can it be true? For some of them, science says, “Yes!”.

Female sexual disorders are a spectrum of disorders that are especially common during middle age. Could any of these natural aphrodisiacs help?

A just published double-blind study gave 62 women struggling with sexual dysfunction either a placebo or a combination of 100IU of vitamin E and 67mg of Korean ginseng and 40mg of eleuthero (formerly called Siberian ginseng) for 6 weeks.

The women taking the natural supplement experienced significantly greater improvement in sexual desire and satisfaction (Women Health 2020 Sep 6;1-10).

In another recent study, 43 women who were experiencing low sexual desire (female sexual interest/arousal disorder) were given either a placebo or 1g of lemon balm an hour after breakfast and an hour after dinner for 4 weeks.

There was a significant increase in desire in the lemon balm group versus placebo. There was also significantly greater improvement in arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, alleviation of pain and total Female Sexual Function Index score. Women on lemon balm had intercourse more than twice as often. 81.8% of the lemon balm group was highly or very highly satisfied with the treatment while only 4.8% of the placebo group was highly satisfied (Iran J Pharm Res 2018;17(Suppl):89-100).

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