Everybody knows that green leafy vegetables are good for you. But did you know they can also help you to maintain healthy weight and cholesterol levels? . . .

A recent placebo-controlled study gave 38 women either a 5g supplement of green-leaf membrane or a placebo for twelve weeks. The green-leaf membrane supplement was made from baby spinach leaves. The women cut out between meal snacking and increased their physical activity.

Because of the elimination of snack food and the increase of exercise, both groups lost weight. But the spinach group lost significantly more: the placebo group lost 3.5kg, but the spinach group lost 5kg.

The spinach supplement also significantly reduced the women's total and LDL cholestreol compared to the placebo. LDL cholesterol is the one that is bad for your cardiovascular system.

Interestingly--and importantly for weight loss and overall health--the spinach supplement also reduced the women's urge to eat sweets.

This study adds evidence of even more health benefits for deep leafy greens, including helping you to attain a healthy weight, improving cholesterol levels and even helping you to eat healthier.

Appetite 2014;81:295-304

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