probiotics help depression and anxiety

Sometimes huge help comes from the smallest, most unexpected places, as this new microscopic help for depression and anxiety shows.

You know that probiotics can help with all kinds of problems in the digestive tract, with candida and with immunity. But only a dozen years ago, it had never occurred to anyone that probiotics could have powerful psychological effects or that they could offer new hope in the treatment of depression.

In 2007, the first study emerged that hinted at probiotics’ effect on depression. Since then, other studies have followed pointing at probiotic’s ability to help depression, anxiety and anger.

By 2019, the studies had begun to pile up, and researchers were paying attention to the evidence that probiotics held promise as treatments for depression and anxiety. Researchers wanted to put all that evidence together, so they conducted a meta-analysis of controlled studies on probiotics and depression and anxiety.

They found 34 studies, and when they put them together, they found that probiotics led to a small but significant benefit for both depression and anxiety.

With all of their other benefits, and no down side, probiotics may be an easy positive addition to the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Neurosci Biobehav Rev 2019;102:13-23

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