magnesium increases telomere length and helps you live longer

While it may not be possible to live forever, this mineral could make you live longer.

Among the various theories of aging, one of the leading theories is the little known telomere shortening theory.

Telomeres are protective DNA and protein complexes that cap the end of your chromosomes and help them to remain stable by protecting the DNA information inside the nucleus of a cell. But each time a cell replicates, the telomere gets shorter until the cell finally dies. So, telomeres are like shortening timelines that measure cellular age. Free radical damage also shortens telomeres. Telomere shortening weakens proper replication of DNA, which results in cellular aging. Telomere shortness is a marker of aging, disease and premature death. So, preserving the length of your telomeres is the key to longevity.

And, it turns out, you can preserve the length of your telomeres.

4,039 American adults 45 years old or more had their dietary magnesium intake measured. Researchers then looked at the association between their magnesium intake and the length of their telomeres.

Telomere length went up as magnesium intake went up. People who got the most dietary magnesium had significantly longer telomeres than people who got the least.

This study offers the intriguing possibility that magnesium increases lifespan.

Several other natural offerings can also increase telomere length and help you live longer, including vitamin D (J Nutr 2017 Apr;147(4):514-520), vitamins C, E, multivitamins and omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Exercise (Med Sci Sports Exerc 2015;47(11):2347-52), maintaining a healthy weight, quitting smoking and reducing stress have all also been shown to possibly lengthen telomeres.

Dark chocolate (YAY!) (Curr Dev Nutr 2019;3(Suppl 1). pii: nzz028.P01-018-19). Walnuts (Nutrients 2018; 10(12). pii: E1907), vegetarian diets (Lancet Oncology 2013;14:1112-20), eliminating processed meats, dietary fat and sugar can all help.

So, eat well, get your magnesium, take your vitamins and live for ever! Well . . . .

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