quitting smoking reverses wrinkles and appearance of aging skin

Both aging and environmental and lifestyle factors can contribute to wrinkles. You can’t do anything about aging, but if you control the environmental and lifestyle factors, you may look like you’re not aging!

Here’s one lifestyle change you can make that will make you look thirteen years younger!

As in so many other conditions, free radical damage is largely responsible for wrinkles. If you smoke, along with all the other damage you are doing to your body, you are also creating free radicals that contribute to the wrinkles in your skin.

So, if you stop smoking, could you stop the wrinkling? Better yet, could you reverse it?

Researchers followed 64 women who smoked to see what effect quitting would have on their skin. The study lasted for 9 months. Because smoking contributes to wrinkles, at the beginning of the study, the women looked an average of 9 years older than their age. But, when the researchers looked at the signs of skin aging, including lines, vascular and pigmentation state, elasticity, brightness and texture, after not smoking for only 9 months, the women had reduced the appearance of aging by 13 years.

Skinmed 2010;8(1):23-9

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