saffron helps insomnia in people with anxiety

An explosion of recent research is proving saffron to be a great herb for depression, anxiety and stress. The beautiful herb is now adding insomnia to its impressive list of relaxing and psychological benefits.

Tons of research is spotlighting saffron for depression and anxiety. Now a new study has shown that saffron also fights insomnia and helps you sleep.

The study was really well designed. It included 66 people with insomnia who had mild to moderate anxiety. They were given either a placebo or 15.5mg of saffron extract, which is a fairly low dose of saffron. They took their pill each evening for 6 weeks.

While the placebo had no effect, the saffron led to increased time spent in bed, as measured objectively by actigraphy. The people who took the saffron fell asleep easier and stayed asleep longer. Overall scores on the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index also improved in the saffron group.

The people in the saffron group also had improved quality of life because the saffron significantly improved scores of bodily pain.

In this study, saffron was able to safely help people who were struggling with insomnia associated with anxiety.

The realization that saffron is a valuable insomnia herb is new. In 2018, the first study reported that people taking saffron subjectively reported improved sleep quality (Jpn Pharmacol Ther 2018;46(8):1407-15). It was only a year ago that a double-blind study first objectively showed that saffron helped sleep and restorative sleep. Other studies have shown that saffron helps insomnia in diabetics.

 Nutrients 2021 Apr 27;13(5):1473

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