cocoa pomegranate combination increases testosterone, muscle and strength

New research has found that this delicious sounding herbal supplement can safely increase testosterone and build muscle.

This just published double-blind study included 120 healthy men between the ages of 21 and 35. 40 of them took a placebo. The rest took a herbal supplement containing extracts of cocoa and pomegranate: 40 took a 200mg dose and 40 took a 400mg dose. The study lasted 56 days.

Free testosterone increased significantly in both of the groups taking the chocolate-pomegranate combo. In the high dose group, there was also a significant increase in total testosterone and luteinizing hormone. In men, luteinizing hormone is involved in the testicles’ production of testosterone.

The men in the 400mg group also had significant improvement in hand grip strength and mud-upper arm circumference: their muscles were bigger and stronger.

The cocoa-pomegranate supplement was safe.

Journal of Dietary Supplements;doi:10.1080/19390211.2022.2035037

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