basil essential oil reduces pain and frequency of migraine headaches

Essential oils may turn out to be essential for getting rid of your migraine. Some you inhale and some you put in your nose. This one you just apply topically to your face. But what’s really topical is that it gets rid of your migraine.

If you suffer from migraine headaches, you are certainly not alone. Would you believe that migraine is the third most prevalent illness in the world? 12%-22% of the US population and at least 8.3% of Canadians suffer from migraines. 91% of those people can’t function normally when they are suffering an attack and frequently have to miss work.

But help might be a couple of drops away. Several essential oils have been shown to help migraines. Some, like lavender, you inhale (Eur Neurol 2012;67(5):288-91). Some, like peppermint, you can lie down and put a couple drops in your nose (Int J Prev Med 2019;10:121). Some, like anise, you can apply as a cream (J Ethnopharmacol 2019;236:155-160).

The newest essential oil for migraine headaches is basil. Basil has been used traditionally in Iran as a herbal treatment for headaches. And, once again, tradition may be right.

This well designed study was triple-blind. 141 migraine sufferers were given either placebo, 2% basil, 4% basil or 6% basil essential oil. All of them had been diagnosed with migraine headaches for at least 2 years, and all of them had more than 2 attacks a month. Each of them applies their topical treatment to the frontal and temporal areas of their heads every 8 hours for 3 months while continuing to take their acetaminophen.

The people who applied the basil essential oil, no matter the strength, had significantly greater reductions in the pain and frequency of their attacks. The stronger the basil essential oil, the greater the control of pain and frequency.

This well designed and convincing study suggests a really safe, inexpensive, easy and effective way to help you manage your migraines.

Complement Med Res 2020;27(5):310-318

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