vegetarian diet especially vegetables prevent prostate cancer

Diet is a little discussed but crucially important consideration in preventing prostate cancer. Now a new study shows that eating more plant foods protects you against prostate cancer. . . .

After controlling for several other potential contributing factors, the study found that eating the most total healthy plant food, total vegetables and raw vegetables all significantly protect men from prostate cancer.

This is not the first study to highlight the importance of replacing animal food with plant food to protect you from prostate cancer. Studies have shown that saturated fat and animal fat increase the risk of developing more advanced forms of prostate cancer and even of dying from prostate cancer (J Natl Cancer Ins 1993;85(19):11571-79; Eur Urol 1999;35:388-91). On the other hand, studies have shown that vegan diets and diets that increase whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes while decreasing meat, dairy and refined carbs protect against prostate cancer (Journal of Urolog 2005;174:1065-70; Integr Cancer Ther 2006;5:206-13).

So the crucial evidence is in: to prevent one of the most common cancers in men, cut back on animal source food and enjoy more plant foods.

Asian Pac J Cancer Prev 2017;18(7):1905-1912

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