hibiscus lowers blood pressure and blood sugar

This beautiful flower that may be growing in your backyard may be more powerful than drugs for your blood pressure. Now we know it can help your blood sugar levels too. But still, no one talks about this valuable herb. What does a flower have to do?

All kinds of studies support hibiscus tea’s powerful effect on blood pressure. It has overpowered several blood pressure drugs in head-to-head studies.

And if that’s not enough to make hibiscus flowers famous, two new meta-analyses now show that it lowers blood sugar too, meaning that it also has antidiabetic powers.

The first looked at all the research up until the middle of 2019 (Phytother Res 2020 Feb;34(2):329-339). It found seven randomized studies of 362 people. Given the mountain of past research, it is not surprising that it found that hibiscus tea significantly reduced both systolic (-4.71 mmHg) and diastolic (-4.08 mmHg) blood pressure. What was a welcome surprise was that it also significantly reduced fasting plasma glucose (-3.67 mg/dl).

The second meta-analysis (Food Research International 2020 Apr;130:108980) also examined the antidiabetic effects of hibiscus, and it also found that hibiscus significantly lower fasting plasma glucose (−3.964 mg/dL).

These two meta-analyses “clearly show that [hibiscus] has antidiabetic activity,” making hibiscus an even more exciting herb. Maybe now hibiscus tea will get the attention it deserves.

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