hibiscus and olive leaf lower blood pressure as well as capoptril

Several studies have shown that drugs don’t actually protect against heart disease in the over 80% of people whose blood pressure is mild to moderately high. So, finding herbs that really do help would be a huge benefit. Found them!

Several studies have shown that olive leaf extract and hibiscus flower work really well against high blood pressure.

10mg of olive leaf extract taken twice a day has been shown to significantly improve blood pressure. In fact, it does the job better than the ACE-inhibitor captopril because it matches it for BP and beats it for cholesterol and triglycerides. Amongst other heart benefits, a new study found that the combination of olive leaf extract and citrus flavone-glycosides significantly lowered blood pressure.

The pretty, but powerful, hibiscus flower also works well. Its power over blood pressure has been demonstrated in a meta-analysis of 5 studies (J Hypertens 2015;33(6):1119-1127). Like olive leaf extract, hibiscus is as good as (Phytomed 2004;11:375- 82) or better than (Indian J Pharmacol 2015;47:540-545; Niger J Clin Pract 2015;18:762-70) drugs.

Now, perhaps for the first time, these two herb have teamed up. 134 people with grade 1 essential hypertension were given the drug capoptril or a low or high dose of the olive leaf extract and hibiscus.

There was no significant difference between the low and high dose of the herbs. More importantly, there was no significant difference between the drug and the herbs, meaning that the safe herbs worked just as well.

After 8 weeks, the improvement in all 3 groups was significant. Captopril improved blood pressure by 16.4/9.9 mmHg, the low dose herbs improved it by 15.4/9.6 and the high dose by 14.9/9.4 mmHg.

As an important bonus, the low dose of the herbal combination also significantly reduced triglycerides.

This new study continues to pile up the evidence that hibiscus flower and olive leaf extract are important herbs for fighting high blood pressure.

Phytother Res 2020;doi: 10.1002/ptr.6792

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