calendula cream effective for vaginal candidiasis yeast infection

Vaginal candidiasis is a common candida yeast infection that can be really irritating. The drugs for treating it can have side effects. What if a herb could treat it without side effects?

Clotrimazole vaginal cream is an antifungal cream that is commonly used to treat vaginal candida, but it has side effects, including microbial resistance, infection relapse and toxicity: that’s not good. Calendula, better known in your garden as marigold, is an antifungal herb. This triple-blind study compared calendula to clotrimazole: calendula won!

144 women with vaginal candidiasis were asked to apply 5g of cream each night. The calendula cream contained 1% calendula.

The pharmaceutical cream worked faster, but the herbal cream overtook it and worked better. At the first visit, 10-15 days into the study, 74% of the women using clotrimazole were negative for candida versus only 49% of the women using calendula. But, at the second visit, 30-35 days into the study, while only 34% of the women in the clotrimazole group were still negative, a significantly superior 77% of the calendula group were. 55% of the women using the pharmaceutical cream who were cured at the first visit had relapsed by the second visit compared to only 15% in the herbal cream group. After the first visit, no one in the drug group got better. 69% of the women using the calendula cream who were still infected at the first visit were free of candida at the second visit; no one in the clotrimazole group was.

Women in both groups experienced equal improvement in sexual function scores.

This study shows that calendula starts slow, but catches up and works better than clotrimazole.

Women Health November-December 2017;57(10):1145-1160

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