cilantro posses powerful anticonvulsant properties for epileptics

This discovery is strange and new. But it might reveal important help even for people who are resistant to pharmaceutical anticonvulsants.

You might love cilantro, or you might hate it (one of us loves it; one of us hates it!). But, if you suffer from seizures, you really might love it.

Some epileptic seizures that are resistant to anticonvulsant medications are caused by the dysfunction of something called Neuronal voltage-gated potassium channel subfamily Q, or KCNQ for short. Some seizures occur when KCNQ closes down. But researchers have now discovered that a component of cilantro known as (E)-2-dodecenal binds to part of the potassium channel and opens, or activates, it. The KCNQ channel activating action of cilantro is “highly potent” and may finally explain both its antiepileptic activity and why cilantro has been traditionally used as an anticonvulsant herb.

The often discussed as a culinary herb, cilantro is not often discussed as a medicinal herb: this might be the first time we have written about it. But whether you love it or hate it, it may turn out to be an important anticonvulsant herb.

FASEB 2019;

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