chocolate better than codeine cough syrup for treating cough

A group of researchers in England wanted to see which worked better, cough syrup or chocolate. That’s right, the choice for treating coughs was medicine or chocolate! Which would you pick? Well, the scientists say you should choose this one. . . .

Chocolate is impressively good for an unexpected number of conditions. But, being a better choice than medicine for coughs was never on the list. But, when researchers gave either a common codeine based cough medicine or a chocolate based cough treatment to 163 people with coughs in a randomized, controlled study, the people who got the chocolate had a significant improvement compared to the codeine cough syrup group after two days.

The study’s lead author noted that this is not really the first hint about chocolate for coughs. An earlier British study found that theobromine, an important component of chocolate, is better than cough syrup for supressing coughs.

Chocolate is able to reduce cough frequency and sleep disturbances within two days.

The researchers of the new study believe that chocolate is working as a demulcent an that it relieves inflammation and irritation. They recommend that, if you want relief from your cough, you try sowly sucking on a piece of chocolate. We would add that, if you want all the health benefits of chocolate, that piece of chocolate your sucking should be a nice piece of dark chocolate.

The ROCOCO trial will soon be published.

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