As if the cognitive decline is not cruel enough, people with dementia often suffer from psychological problems as well. Depression, apathy or agitation and aggression each occur in about a third of people with dementia.

Ginkgo is the best treatment for dementia, so researchers decided to see if the herb could help with the psychological problems too. And it did. . . .

The results of this double-blind study of 400 people with dementia and psychological symptoms found that while the placebo group had their psychological symptoms stay the same or worsen, the Ginkgo group had theirs improve. Cognitive function improved in 65.7% of them, but only in 6.1% of those using the placebo. That's not new news. The new news is that while caregiver distress caused by the patient's psychological symptoms worsened by 4% in the placebo group, it decreased by 35% in the Ginkgo group.

  • Arzneim Forsch Drug Res 2007;57:4-11
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