You knew fruits and vegetables could make you healthier, but did you know they could make you happier? . . .

For three weeks, 281 healthy college students recorded how much fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, pastries, chips and fries they ate while keeping track of their mood.

It turned out that they had more positive moods on the days they ate more fruit and vegetables. And the positive effect lasts. Positive mood was also linked to how much fruit and vegetables you ate the day before. 

The students experienced more negative moods on the days they ate more fries and chips and less fruit and vegetables.

For fruit and vegetables to improve your mood, it seems that you need to eat about seven to eight servings a day (Br J Health Psychol 2013;18:782-98).

This is not the only time that healthy diets have been linked to healthy moods. The Mediterranean diet has been shown to improve social functioning, emotional health and vitality (Eur J Clin Nutr 2012;66:360-368). And, most recently, a study of 4,249 students found that eating a healthy diet is significantly associated with better emotional health, while eating an unhealthy diet is significantly associated with emotional distress (Eur J Clin Nutr 2015;69:79-83).

So, for not only a healthier life, but a happier life, eat a healthy diet that features plenty of fruits and vegetables.

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