chili peppers reduce your risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer and help you live longer

If you want to live a longer, healthier life, spice up your diet, and eat more chili peppers.

A preliminary study that is about to be presented at the American Heart Association’s 2020 Scientific Sessions found that people who eat more chili peppers live longer.

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic analyzed four studies of dietary patterns of more than 570,000 people from the U.S., China, Italy and Iran. When they compared people who did eat chili peppers to people who rarely or never ate them (they clearly don’t live in our house!), they found three really interesting things across all four countries.

1. People who eat chili peppers have a 25% reduction in all-cause mortality: that is they are 25% less likely to die prematurely.

2. People who eat chili peppers have a 26% reduced risk of dying of cardiovascular disease.

3. People who eat chili peppers have a 23% reduction in the risk of dying from cancer.

This study is not the first to find these big benefits for spicy peppers. Last year, a study found that chili pepper eaters were 23% less likely to die from any cause during the study and 34% less likely to die from cancer.

So, in addition to making your dinner taste great, chili peppers may make you live longer to enjoy more of those delicious dinners!

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