saffron is safe and effective for postpartum depression

About 15% of women are doomed to depression when they should be experiencing the greatest joy of their lives. The pharmacy has nothing to offer, but, now, nature does.

About 15% of new mothers go through the mood swings, low energy and blahs of postpartum depression. The usual pharmaceutical options are not available to them because the most commonly used ones, like Prozac, can be transferred from mother to child during breast feeding. The result for your baby can be colic, drowsiness and, perhaps, even decreased weight gain.

Saffron is a remarkable new herb for depression. Recently, we reviewed and explained all the remarkable new research on saffron and depression for the American Botanical Council’s journal, HerbalGram: you can access it here. So, researchers decided to see if saffron could have the same benefit for new mothers as it does for everyone else.

They conducted a double-blind study on sixty new mothers with mild-to-moderate postpartum depression. Some were just given a placebo, and some were given 15mg of saffron twice a day.

At the end of the eight week study, the new mothers who were taking saffron had significantly greater improvement on the Beck Depression Inventory-Second Edition. While scores in the placebo group improved from 19.8 to 15.1, scores in the saffron group plummeted from 20.3 to 8.4. 96% of the women on saffron were now in remission compared to 43% in the placebo group. Impressively, 66% of the women on saffron were in complete remission compared to just 6% of the women on placebo.

This important study is not the first to discover this safe benefit for new mothers. An earlier study also published this year found that saffron improves postpartum depression as effectively as Prozac. But, in addition to the risks for your baby, the new mothers on Prozac in this study suffered more headaches, dry mouth, daytime drowsiness, constipation and sweating.

These two new studies finally offer new mothers hope of an effective antidepressant that is safe for them and their new babies.

Phytomedicine 2017;1;36:145-152

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