low level of folic acid may be a cause of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

25% of men over the age of fifty are affected by erectile dysfunction. And 52% of men over the age of forty are at least partially affected. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Men can retain their sexual vitality well into their eighties. And there are many herbs and supplements that help. But this one is new!

This small study of 77 men compared the level of folic acid in those who had erectile dysfunction with the level in the ones who didn’t. The result was a surprise. The men with erectile dysfunction had significantly lower levels of folic acid. Not only that, but as erectile dysfunction severity went up, folic acid levels went significantly down.

This study suggests that not having enough folic acid may be one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. And it is not the first. One year earlier, a similar study also found that folic acid levels were lower in men with erectile dysfunction and that the difference was of high statistical significance. And it too found that as erectile dysfunction gets worse, folic acid levels are lower (Int Urol Nephrol 2019;51(2):223-229).

Other studies have also found similar results (Andrologia 2016;48(5):532-5) and have suggested that low folic acid may be associated with premature ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction (Asian J Androl 2014;16(6):902-6).

So, no: folic acid may not be just for women any more!

Andrologia 2020 Nov 3;e13890

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