It’s time to get past the disinformation that nuts are fattening, so you can eat them, enjoy them and live longer!

Tons of studies prove that nuts are not only not fattening but that eating them helps you to live longer. A massive study of over 100,000 people found that eating lots of nuts reduces premature death from any cause by 20%. Eating nuts protects you from dying from heart disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer or respiratory disease. Nuts can also prevent death from diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, infectious disease and kidney disease.

Cardiometabolic disease includes type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. A massive new review of meta-analyses put all of the research together on nuts and cardiometabolic disease. It reviewed the data from 34 meta-analyses.

Six meta-analyses found that people who eat the most nuts reduce their risk of dying from any disease by 15-23% compared to people who eat less. That’s really good news. Three meta-analyses found reductions in death from any disease of 17-24% for each additional 28g serving of nuts per day.

As for specific diseases, eating lots of nuts, including peanuts, protected people from cardiovascular disease. Three meta-analyses found that people who eat the most nuts have 19-25% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease compared to people who eat the least. Tree nuts reduced the risk by 19%; peanuts reduced it by 22%. One meta-analysis found that eating the most nuts cuts the risk of dying from coronary heart disease by 27%. And, again, peanuts worked as well as tree nuts: tree nuts reduced the risk by 21% and peanuts by 24%. The news is just as good for preventing death from strokes: people who eat the most nuts have an 18% lower risk than people who eat the most, according to one meta-analysis.

Nuts don’t just protect you from dying from heart disease, they also protect you from getting it in the first place. Meta-analyses found 19% lower risk of cardiovascular disease, 17-34% lower risk of coronary heart disease and, perhaps, a reduction in risk of stroke too.

And just in case you’re still doubting it, no studies that compared nuts to control diets found any significant effect on weight, body mass index or waist circumference. Nuts are not fattening.

One of the meta-analysis also found that eating nuts significantly reduces fasting blood glucose and HbA1c, the most important marker of long term diabetes and blood sugar control, in type 2 diabetics. Several meta-analyses consistently showed that nuts improve total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol as well as triglycerides. Nuts seem to be especially good at lowering the bad LDL cholesterol. Nuts also improve blood vessel function as measured by flow-mediated dilation.

This massive review of the research demonstrates once again that nuts and peanuts are great for your heart, great for your health, that they could add years to your life and they are not fattening.

Nutrients 2018;10(12):1935

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