Mediterranean diet increases chances of successful IVF birth

Diet is crucial for everything else, so why shouldn’t it be crucial for fertility? Turns out, it is.

As we explain in our book The Natural Sex Book: Natural Solutions for Fertility, Virility, Libido and Reproductive Health, being fertile is an offspring of being healthy, so a diet that’s good for you is a diet that’s good for having a baby.

The Mediterranean diet has been well established as a diet that is good for your heart, body and brain. The diet is low in meat and rich in whole grains, fruit, vegetables, legumes, nut, seeds, fish and olive oil. And the closer you follow that diet, the more likely you are, not only to be healthy, but to have a healthy pregnancy. Women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) are more likely to have a successful pregnancy when they follow a Mediterranean diet.

The study included 244 women trying to get pregnant by IVF. Their diets were scored for how closely they matched the Mediterranean diet. For women who were under 35, the higher the score for the Mediterranean diet, the more successful their pregnancy. Women with the lowest scores were a significant 71% less likely to become pregnant and a significant 75% less  likely to have a live birth compared to women with the highest scores. Every 5-point increase in Mediterranean diet scores was associated with about a 2.7 times greater chance of having a successful live birth.

Human Reproduction 2018;

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