dark chocolate improves memory and cognition

Now there’s the health tip you’ve been waiting to hear. Eating dark chocolate makes you smarter.

In our newest book, Chocolate: Superfood of the Gods, we explain several studies that reveal the exciting discovery that dark chocolate is good for your brain. Now, two new studies add even more evidence: dark chocolate improves memory and cognition.

A Whole New Meaning to Air Head
The first is a double-blind study that gave 18 healthy, young adults either cocoa that was rich in flavanols or a placebo cocoa that was low in flavanols because it was processed. The flavanol-rich cocoa contained 150 mg of epicatechin and 35.5 mg of catechin, while the low-flavanol cocoa contained less than 4 mg of both flavanols.

The people who ate the flavanol rich cocoa had improved brain oxygenation and they improved cognitive performance on higher complexity tasks (Scientific Reports 2020;10:19409).

Making Better Memories
The second study involve 98 university students. Half of them got 70% dark chocolate bars and half of them got placebo white chocolate bars.

Two hours after eating their chocolate bar, they each underwent an auditory verbal learning test. The dark chocolate group had significantly greater improvement in immediate word span, words learned, final and total acquisition and delayed and total recall. These exotic terms are a fancy way of saying that dark chocolate increased their ability to learn words. And that means that readily available dark chocolate improves memory (Nutrients 2020;12(2)).

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