dried fruit protects against cancer

Fruit gets a lot of attention from health researchers. But dried fruit gets sadly neglected. Does dried fruit protect you from cancer like its fresh cousins, or is the dried up version bad for you?

The picture is very clear for fresh fruit: it protects you against cancer. But the chemical makeup of dried fruit may differ from the fresh version. What effect does that difference have?

A systematic review of 16 studies set out to answer that very question. It was the first review to look at dried fruits effect on cancer, and the answer was surprising!

The studies looked at the relationship between eating raisins, prunes and dates and cancer risk. The 9 prospective cohort studies found that eating 3-5 servings or more of dried fruit per week significantly reduces your risk of precancerous colorectal polyps by 24%, of prostate cancer by 49% and mortality from pancreatic cancer by 65%. All 7 case controlled studies also found that eating dried fruit protects against cancer.

Overall, the review found that dried fruit benefits risk of several cancers, including pancreas, prostate, stomach, bladder, and colon.

So, despite being dried up, dried fruit may be a very beneficial addition to your diet.

Adv Nutr 2019;pii: nmz085

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