tocotrienol rich vitamin E prevents progression of diabetic retinopathy

Diabetes can lead to diabetic retinopathy, which can lead to blindness. Could a natural vitamin E supplement help prevent that progression?

d-alpha-tocopherol is the most famous member of the vitamin E family. But other natural members of the E family, including tocotrienols, have important benefits too.

A double-blind study of 55 people with diabetic neuropathy found that a tocotrienol rich vitamin E supplement helped in both measures of microhaemorrhages and diabetic macular oedema. After 12 months, microhaemorrhaging increased by 23.4% in the placebo group but not at all in the vitamin E group. And while diabetic macular oedema did not improve in the placebo group, it decreased by 48.38% in the vitamin E group.

This study provides a safe, natural hope for people with diabetic retinopathy.

SAGE Open Medicine 2022;10:1-18

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