saffron helps depression and anxiety in teenagers

One of the most exciting new herbs might be the answer for you whether you suffer from anxiety or depression.

Several studies have now shown that the beautiful herb saffron effectively treats both depression and anxiety. As we discussed in Vol. 20, No. 10 of The Natural Path and in our comprehensive review of saffron in the journal HerbalGram (the PDF is on the About Linda & Ted page), there is tons of research proving the effectiveness of saffron for depression.

More recently, research has revealed the antianxiety powers of this amazing herb (J Complement Integr Med 2016;13(2):195-199).

Most excitingly, research has now shown that saffron can even help people who suffer from both depression and anxiety simultaneously (Pharmacopsychiatry 2017;50(04):152-60).

Now, for the first time, saffron has been studied for depression and anxiety in teenagers.

The study was double-blind and included 68 kids between the ages of 12 and 16 who suffered from mild-to-moderate anxiety or depression. They were each given either a placebo or 14mg of saffron extract twice a day for eight weeks.

On the Revised Child Anxiety and Depression Scale, teenagers reported greater improvement in internalizing symptoms (withdrawal, anxiety, depression and distress from over focussing on physical symptoms like pain and fatigue), separation anxiety, social phobia and depression.

In internalising symptoms, the saffron group had a 33% reduction in their symptoms compared to a reduction of only 17% in the placebo group: a significant difference. Anyone who had a greater than 50% improvement in total score was considered to be a responder. While only 11% of the placebo group were responders, 37% of the saffron group were. 

This study adds to the recently mounting evidence of the value of saffron as a psychological herb for depression and anxiety.

Journal of Affective Disorders 2018;232:349-57

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