vitamin D significantly improves depression

Now more than ever, a safe, effective treatment for depression is needed. This well-known vitamin may be the answer.

Last month, in Vol.26, No.2 of The Natural Path, we did a feature article called Vitamin D & Your Mind. We pointed out that science has recently discovered vitamin D receptors in the brain and talked about the latest exciting research on vitamin D and depression.

We should have waited a month because an exciting, new study has just been published on vitamin D and depression.

Fifty-six people suffering from mild to moderate depression were given either a placebo or vitamin D for 8 weeks in a double-blind study. And, at the end of the study, the people taking vitamin D had significantly greater improvement in their depression according to the Beck Depression Inventory.

There were no side effects, meaning the vitamin was both safe and effective.

This study builds on to the extensive evidence that vitamin D is a valuable antidepressant.

BMC Psychiatry. 2022; 22: 694

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