curcumin treats chronic kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease is getting more common and more dangerous. New research points to the herb turmeric and its active ingredient, curcumin, as potential solutions.

Chronic kidney disease has been rising globally. So has its serious outcomes: in a short time, it has gone from the 17th leading cause of death to the 12th. The pharmaceutical treatments help, but they have several side effects. Curcumin could offer a natural solution.

High levels of protein in the urine are a marker of kidney disease and a predictor of progression of chronic kidney disease.

The first ever meta-analysis of studies of turmeric/curcumin for chronic kidney disease has just been published. It included four controlled studies. It found that curcumin significantly reduced levels of protein in the urine and that it reduced them significantly better than placebo.

The researchers conclude that “Turmeric/curcumin has been shown to be useful in patients who suffer from proteinuric kidney diseases, and it can be used as an appropriate therapeutic option in these patients.”

IJKD 2022;16:153-61

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