curcumin helps people with colitis

Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease of the digestive tract. It can be debilitating. The powerful herbal anti-inflammatory, curcumin, can help.

Colitis can seriously affect your quality of life with symptoms like abdominal pain, cramping diarrhoea, rectal pain and bleeding and fatigue.

Mesalamine is corticosteroid that is commonly used for colitis. It can cause many side effects, many people do not fully respond, and its efficacy can wane over time.

When 50 people who were not responding to mesalamine treatment added either a placebo or 3g of curcumin to the drug, the drug continued not to work in the placebo group. But 53.8% of the people in the curcumin group went into remission.

And this study was no fluke. When researchers conducted a systematic review of six studies that compared adding placebo or curcumin to mesalamine, they consistently found that adding curcumin works.

One of the studies found a lower number of relapses in the curcumin group; several found a higher rate of remission. All but one study found a significant positive clinical result using curcumin: the only one that didn’t was the one that used the lowest dose. Four out of five studies reported improved endoscopic activity. And the one study that measured quality of life showed a significantly greater improvement in the curcumin group.

This systematic review suggests that curcumin can help people with colitis. It may even help people who are not responding to their meds.

Nutrients. July 31, 2020;12(8):E2296

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