vitamin D deficiency associated with infection, severity and death in COVID-19

The mountain of evidence is becoming overwhelming. This crucial, new study looks at blood levels of vitamin D and asks if they correlate with infection, severity and death in COVID-19. They do!

The newest vitamin D study looked at vitamin D levels in 186 COVID patients hospitalized with severe acute respiratory syndrome. “A remarkably high” 59% of them were vitamin D deficient. The lower their vitamin D, the worse their infection: in men, 55% of stage 1 patients were deficient in D; 74% of stage 3 patients were.

Blood levels of vitamin D below 20 ng/ml indicate a severe deficiency. In this study, almost everyone with blood levels below 19 ng/ml died. Blood levels below 25 ng/ml indicate a vitamin D deficiency. 85% of people with levels below 25 ng/ml died. The optimal level of vitamin D is 50-80 ng/ml. When blood levels reached just 34ng/ml, nobody died: 0%. Patients who were deficient in D were 387% more likely to die.

These startling results show that blood levels of vitamin D are associated with disease severity and risk of dying from COVID-19. COVID patients with vitamin D deficiency are almost 4 times more likely to die, and, in this study, nobody died if their vitamin D levels even approached normalcy.

This important study adds to a now huge pile of studies that show that vitamin D deficiency is associated with the risk of infection, severity and death from COVID. The authors conclude their study with “a call for general avoidance of vitamin D deficiency as a safe and inexpensive possible mitigation of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic." Could everyone taking vitamin D be the safest, cheapest, most effective way to prevent infection and death from COVID-19?

(Am J Clin Pathol March 2021;15(3):381-8)

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