ginger treats diabetes

It turns out that this really well-known herb has a not very well-known use.

Ginger is a very well-known herb. But it’s best known for nausea. Turns out, it should be well-known to diabetics too.

The research on ginger for diabetes is pretty new. A 2014 double-blind study found that 3g of ginger lowers fasting blood glucose and improves insulin resistance in type 2 diabetics (Comp Ther Res 2014;22:9-16). A year later, the same dose was shown to be significantly better than placebo at improving serum glucose, insulin, insulin resistance, long term diabetes and blood sugar control, free radical damage and inflammation (J Compliment Integr Med 2015;12:165-70).

Now a meta-analysis has put together the research from 5 randomized studies of ginger and diabetes. The studies included 318 people. 4 of the studies were high quality while one was considered low quality. The doses ranged from 1.6g a day to 3g a day and lasted from 30 days to 12 weeks.

When the studies were combined, there was significantly lower fasting blood glucose levels in the people taking ginger than in those on a placebo. In the 4 studies that measured HbA1c, the most important marker of long term blood sugar and diabetes control, the ginger group had significantly lower levels. These positive results verify that ginger has long term benefit for diabetics.

The meta-analysis did not find significant benefit for insulin resistance, though, as we just saw, the two recent studies did.

Ginger actually does much more than fight nausea. It also fights pain from arthritis, migraines and periods. It fights heart disease and liver disease, and it helps memory in seniors. And now, it turns out, there is solid evidence that ginger fights diabetes too. Ginger is turning out to be a very valuable herb.

Journal of Ethnic Foods 2015;2(1):36-43

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