artichoke and berberine lower cholesterol

Cardiovascular disease is a major health problem, and cholesterol is a major reversible risk factor. How can you reverse it?

Because dark chocolate is so good for cholesterol, in our new book, Chocolate: Superfood of the Gods, we have a whole chapter on treating cholesterol. After discussing the best known natural treatments for cholesterol, we conclude with a section called “Other Helpful Supplements.” In that section, we say that “[t]here are several other herbs and nutrients that can help you achieve healthy cholesterol levels. But two of the others that stand out are berberine and artichoke.”

Someone else agreed, because a just published study has combined a dry extract of artichoke and berberine and tested its effect against cholesterol in people with moderately high cholesterol.

After two months on the herbal combination, there was a significant 19% reduction in total cholesterol, 16% reduction in the harmful LDL cholesterol, 19% reduction in non-HDL-cholesterol (you only want to reduce non-HDL cholesterol because HDL cholesterol is good for your heart), and 15% reduction in triglycerides.

The supplement was not only effective, but well tolerated.

It is not surprising that the combination of the two herbs worked so well. A recent meta-analysis of nine studies of artichoke has confirmed artichoke’s power over cholesterol. Other research cited in our chocolate book shows that it can also raise the heart healthy HDL-cholesterol.

Berberine has been shown to lower total cholesterol by a remarkable 29%, LDL cholesterol by 25% and triglycerides by 35% in people with high cholesterol (Nature Medicine 2004;10:1344-1355). Several other studies cited in our chocolate book also demonstrate berberine’s power over cholesterol in people with diabetes who really need help.

Am J Cardiol 2019;123(4):588-591

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