chocolate benefits heart health and blood pressure in healthy young adults

And the good news is, your parents were wrong. Young healthy adults should treat themselves to chocolate!

As we have illustrated in our exciting new book, Chocolate: Superfood of the Gods, dark chocolate is really good for blood pressure and heart health. So, what happens when young, healthy people eat lots of dark chocolate?

To find out, researchers gave 20g of 55% dark chocolate a day to 15 healthy people between the ages of18 and 27, and they gave the same amount of 90% dark chocolate to another 15. Though controlled, the study can’t really be called placebo-controlled because the placebo, though not ideal, was way too powerful to be a placebo.

At the end of the 30 day study, the 55% dark chocolate had improved heart health, but the 90% dark chocolate had improved it more and in more ways. The high flavonoid 90% dark chocolate improved both diastolic and systolic blood pressure, vascular relaxation and vascular efficiency.

This study wanted to see if dark chocolate was good for healthy, young people. But, actually, there have been over 20 studies of dark chocolate’s effect on people with healthy blood pressure. And, as we show in our chocolate book, dark chocolate’s blood pressure powers may be even greater in people under 50.

So, parents, encourage your kids to eat chocolate: as long as it’s healthy, delicious dark chocolate!

Nutrition 2019;63-64:175-83

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