Of all the natural supplements for cancer, curcumin, the active ingredient in the herb turmeric, is one of the most exciting.

A recent review of curcumin in cancer therapy has concluded that curcumin has anti-cancer effects at several stages of cancer formation: . . .  carcinogenesis (formation), cell proliferation (growth), apoptosis (safe death specifically of cancer cells), metastasis (spread) and angiogenesis (the formation of blood vessels by the tumour that allow it to feed itself and grow).

It also concluded that curcumin increases cancer cell's sensitivity to chemotherapy and radiation while protecting the healthy cells. In other words, it increases the effectiveness of conventional treatment while protecting from its side effects.

The article concluded that "[E]xhaustive research and numerous investigations . . . suggest that curcumin has great potential in the prevention and cure of cancer".

  • Curr Probl Cancer 2007;31:243-305

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