green tea protects elderly against Alzheimer's and cognitive impairment

Can simply drinking tea fortify your mind against the effects of aging?

This new study looked at how much tea 957 elderly people drank in order to see if drinking tea protected them at all from neurocognitive disorders (NCD) like cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. . . .

They found that it did. Any kind of tea made from the tea plant reduced the risk of NCD. The most powerful form was green tea. Black or oolong tea reduced the risk by 47%; green tea reduced the risk by a full 57%.

The key, though, is to drink tea consistently. Only regular tea drinkers received the benefit, but the benefit was big. When only the regular tea drinkers were considered, the reduction in risk was a whopping 61%.

Excitingly, for people who are at the greatest risk of Alzheimer’s disease because they have a genetic predisposition, the benefit is even greater: regularly drinking tea reduced their risk by an incredible 86%.

For some reason, the benefit was only significant for female tea drinkers.

This is at least the third study to demonstrate the cognitive benefits of tea drinking. Earlier studies have also found that green tea fights off cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s.

The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging 2016;20(10):1002–9

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