corn leaf extract improves insomnia

Sleep related problems are a nightmare! They are common, frustrating and affect your health and your quality of life. Pharmaceutical solutions struggle to cope because of their side effects. But there may be a new natural solution.

Struggles with insomnia frustrate millions of people. Drugs designed to help you sleep can hurt you in other ways, including memory problems, Alzheimer’s, hangover, dizziness, headache, fatigue, falls, digestive problems, decreasing efficacy with time and addiction.

A new natural solution comes from a surprising place: corn leaf extract.

Though still an unknown herb, corn leaf extract is not entirely unknown to science. Previous double-blind research has shown it to be effective for depression (Foods. 2015 May 8;4(2):130-139). Corn leaf may work because it contains ingredients that are structurally similar to melatonin and because it increases the availability of melatonin and serotonin. It also positively affects cortisol and acts as a muscle relaxant.

Now a new double-blind study has shown that corn leaf extract can help solve the struggle with sleeplessness.

The 4 week study gave 45 people a placebo or two different doses of corn leaf extract: 250mg or 500mg a day. Everyone took their treatment an hour before going to bed.

Corn leaf extract significantly improved deep sleep time. 500mg increased deep sleep by 27.9-47.4%. The improvement was only 7.7% on placebo. The difference was just shy of being statistically significant; however, the corn leaf increased the deep sleep stage of sleep by half an hour. 500mg also improved total time spent sleeping by 9.1% versus no improvement on placebo. Sleep quality improved by a significant 36.2% in the 500mg group, which was significantly better than the 3.7% improvement in the placebo group.

Corn leaf also significantly improved overall well-being as well as specifically improving depression, anxiety, tension, fatigue and confusion.

Importantly in the world of sleep aids, there were no adverse events on corn leaf.

This novel study makes corn leaf extract the newest member on the list of herbs that safely help you sleep.

Journal of Medicinal Food 30 Sep 2022;

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