boswelia and gotu kola help back pain from compressed discs

When your intervertebral discs compress, you get friction and compression on the nerves. And that hurts! There are a couple of herbs that can help.

Traction, physiotherapy and swimming stretch the spine and help disc compression. But adding the herbs boswellia and gotu kola makes them help much more. Boswellia is a powerful anti-inflammatory that treats inflammation and osteoarthritis. Gotu kola, the researchers note, has been shown to repair tissue. So, they set out to see if adding boswellia and gotu kola to an exercise program brought about better results than the standard exercise program alone.

There were three groups in the study. The first added boswellia and gotu kola to standard management, the second received standard management alone. A third group added glucosamine to standard management. Standard management was spinal elongation and flexibility, back pain, and disk mobilization exercises.

Standard management helped. But adding the herbs helped more. To see how well the treatments worked, the researchers measured height and spine length. Both height and spine length increased significantly more in the herb group than in the other two groups. Standard management improved spinal elongation in all three groups, but adding the herbs produced benefit faster and more effectively. Disc space and disc density increased significantly more in the herb group.

The people who added the boswellia and gotu kola also had significantly greater improvement in symptoms and mobility, and they needed significantly less pain medication. They also missed less work.

The researchers made the striking conclusion that adding boswellia and gotu kola doubles the effectiveness of standard therapy. That’s a lot of help for a lot of people.

Panminerva Med 2020 Sep 08;doi:10.23736/S0031-0808.20.04028-8

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