grape and apple poyphenols improve athletic endurance

Athletes have tried all kinds of performance enhancing pills and powders. But taking a safe, simple supplement from apples and grapes can powerfully improve athletic performance. . . .

In this double-blind study, 48 physically active men between the ages of 25 and 37 cycled for as long as they could  before they were exhausted. Then they were given either a placebo or 500mg of grape and apple polyphenols. They took the supplement the night before and again one hour before trying the cycling test again.

Polyphenols are flavonoid antioxidants. They are famously found in antioxidant rich foods and drinks like dark chocolate and green tea.

When the cyclists were given the polyphenol supplement, they were able to cycle a significant 9.7% longer than the men given the placebo. Compared to when they first performed the cycling test, the men who took the polyphenol supplement now rode 12.8% longer before they reached exhaustion. That’s a large and significant benefit from a simple natural supplement.

To put the dose into perspective, an apple probably contains about 136mg of polyphenols and 100g of dark grapes (about 2/3 of a cup) probably delivers about 169mg.

This study suggests that taking apple and grape polyphenols before endurance sports or exercise can improve performance by increasing the amount of time before you reach exhaustion. As an extra benefit, the additional time cycling did not come with any additional muscle pain two days later.

Nutrients 2017;9(8): 917

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