blueberries improve memory and learning in seniors

You know what blueberries do for your pancakes, but do you know what they do for your brain? It is well known by now that blueberries are a great source of antioxidants, but this will surprise you!

There are lots of reasons why people should eat blueberries. And there’s lots of reasons why older people should eat blueberries. But here’s a huge reason why older people should eat blueberries.

In this double-blind study, 27 people between the ages of 60 and 75 were given either a placebo blueberry powder or 24g of a real blueberry powder each day for 90 days. The real blueberry powder was freeze dried and was equal to one cup of fresh blueberries. The study wanted to see what effect eating a cup of blueberries would have on cognition.

The effect gives older people one more big reason to eat blueberries. Because on a test of verbal learning and memory, the people who got the blueberry powder made significantly fewer repetition errors and performed better on a task switching test.

The researchers concluded that an easily achievable amount of blueberries improves some aspects of cognition in older adults.

This is not the first serious hint that blueberries can help seniors stay mentally sharp. An earlier study found that women who are seventy or older who eat the most blueberries or strawberries delay cognitive decline by two and a half years, meaning they had the brain function of women who are two and a half years younger. That’s incredible.

Even more remarkably, at least two studies have also shown that blueberries improve memory in older people with mild cognitive impairment.

Eur J Nutr 2017;

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