vitamin D improves symptoms of autism

The number of children suffering from autism is rising dramatically: the number of cases has risen up to 5 times since the early 1990s. One in 68 children now suffer from an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Conventional medicine has offered little hope. The natural approach to autism seems to fare better. Treatment effectiveness ratings collected from 23,700 parents by the Autism Research Institute (ARI), consistently show greater benefit from nutrients than from drugs. Could vitamin D be one of those nutrients?

Vitamin D deficiency can contribute to autism and supplementing vitamin D has been shown to significantly improve symptoms, especially for younger children (Nutr Neurosci 2017;20(5):284-290). So, how much evidence is there for vitamin D?

In a just published study, for the first time, researchers conducted a meta-analysis of three placebo-controlled studies to see if supplementing vitamin D can improve symptoms in kids with autism spectrum disorder. They measured improvement on the Social Responsiveness Scale and the Child Autism Rating Scale. And the news was good.

They found that after taking vitamin D, outcome scores were “dramatically elevated” in kids who took vitamin D compared to the control group. The difference in improvement was significant.

Encouragingly, the researchers concluded that “vitamin D supplementation improves the typical symptoms of autism spectrum disorder” and that it “is beneficial for children with autism spectrum disorder.”

Clin Psychopharmacol Neurosci 2020;18(2):203-213

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