diets rich in polyphenol flavonoids help depression

Mental health struggles are a leading contributor to poor quality of life. Nature offers many solutions, and researchers are finally starting to look into them more seriously.

Recent research has begun to identify a surprising and important role for free radical damage and inflammation in depression. A group of flavonoids known as polyphenols are both powerful antioxidants and powerful anti-inflammatories.

Fruits and vegetables, as well as green tea and dark chocolate are loaded in polyphenols. Previous research has shown that diets rich in polyphenols help prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease and help you to live longer. But they may help you not only to live longer, but to live better.

In a just published study, researchers divided 99 people into two groups: one ate a diet low in polyphenols while the other ate a diet high in polyphenols. The study lasted for 8 weeks.

The people on the high polyphenol diet reported a significant improvement in depressive symptoms. They also had significantly greater improvement in general health, energy/fatigue and overall physical health and mental health scores.

This study suggests that a healthy diet that includes more polyphenols is not only good for your physical health but also for your mental health, perhaps especially for depression.

Nutrients 2020, 12(8), 2445

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