Acupuncture Helps Neck Pain

Acupuncture helps neck pain

With more and more time being spent hunched over computers, more and more people are suffering from neck pain. Well, there may just be an ancient solution to this very modern problem. Acupuncture helps neck pain. . . .

This study looked at people who had been suffering from neck pain for at least three months. The average length of time they had suffered from neck pain, though, was an unbearable six years. Some of them received standard therapy (physical therapy, medication) alone and some of them received standard therapy plus acupuncture.

After one year, the acupuncture group had a 32% improvement in pain and disability, which was 3.92 percentage points better than standard therapy alone: that is a significant advantage over standard therapy alone.

Several other studies have confirmed acupuncture’s ability to reduce pain (Acupuncture: NIH Consensus Statement 1997;15:1-34)

Ann Intern Med 2015;163:653-62

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